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An online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers. You can browse through our website to find different variety of products, it can be anything that you are looking for.

Albeliz, your one stop online retailer that is here to revolutionize how people buy and sell in the marketplace (Bangladesh). Buy anything in just a click. Bangladesh, in the midst of development, with locals getting busier everyday, employment is soaring and commuters are increasing. This is resulting in a surge in daily traffic, making it difficult to attend to all scheduled tasks for the day. Here is where albeliz.com comes in.

Everybody has to eat and grocery shopping is one of those unavoidable chores. That is why we are here, to accommodate to those needs. Access our online store to get all your necessities delivered to your door step at your own convenience. Select through our range of high quality meat, spices, cooking materials and many more, and make your life easier. Stop wasting time at grocery stores and commuting to one.

It’s true a lot of people actually enjoy grocery shopping (haven’t got the hang of that one myself), but for many people, like me, it’s positively a drag. Queues, heavy baskets and trollies, never being able to find the exact thing that you want… all of these trials befall us on the weekly trip to the supermarket. Even worse, the average person spends 130 hours a year in the supermarket, which could add up to around nine whole months over a lifetime.

Online platforms are key drivers of innovation in the digital world and their success is closely tied to the success of a range of businesses that use platforms to reach customers. Our site will allow especially smaller businesses to extend their operations beyond their home, catering for consumers across the entire Single Market.

So why is this? The obvious time-saving option for grocery shopping is to switch online. The average time spent on the weekly shop online is 15min, compared to the industry average of 2.5h. Fortunately, there are better solutions that don’t require leaving your house. We aim to accommodate to those needs and alleviate the hassle of going to shops.

With Albeliz you can buy anything you like with just a click of a button and it will arrive at your door on the same day or the next, depending on the chosen option. We hand pick all our products with care and package it for delivery. Service is everything for us, so here in Albeliz we believe in providing the best service for all our customers. Our dedicated team is here for you.
Even if you’re one of those people who likes visiting a shop, you can use your list offline on your phone. Never spend more than 15 minutes on a weekly shop again.

Our History

Company History

Our Vision

To deliver an exceptional shopping experience by offering the best service, value, quality, and freshest products.

What we deliver ?

We are here to enable digital trade through our online marketplace, in a mission to increase consumer choice and convenience, improve efficiency and competitiveness of industry and can enhance civil participation in society.

Our Packaging

Since packaging and containers used to store food are in direct contact with the food, they need to be suitable and food grade. If the packaging is made from inappropriate materials there is potential for it to make the food unsafe. Here at Albeliz we make sure to use food grade cardboard packaging to maintain good healthy hygiene for all.

At albeliz we obsess over a great customer packaging experience. We try to identify new ways to reduce waste, improve manufacturer packaging on goods we sell, and innovate on the packaging we use in.


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