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  2. Delivery will be completed when the Products are delivered to the address stated in the Order Confirmation (so please make sure that the delivery details you provide are accurate as we cannot be responsible for any delayed or failed deliveries as a result of your error).

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  4. You are responsible for the care of the Products once delivery is completed. The Products should be refrigerated immediately following delivery.

  5. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver outside of the Dhaka right now or in certain locations of Dhaka we will make our deliver whole Bangladesh in near future.

1.These Affiliate Terms and Conditions (the “Understanding”) will comprise an Agreement between (“You” or “Offshoot”) and (hereinafter alluded to as (the “Organization”) for the enlistment and arrangement of the Affiliate to furnish the Company with Promotion of the Channels. The Affiliate and the Company will all in all be alluded to as the “Gatherings” and independently as the “Gathering”.

The Affiliate should peruse, consent to, and acknowledge the entirety of the terms and arrangements contained in this Agreement, by clicking “I Accept” button, and the Parties therefore concur, recognize and acknowledge that clicking such catch will right away frame a substantial, successful and lawfully official understanding for great thought between the Parties.

This Agreement establishes the total and selective assertion of the arrangement of both the Parties concerning the topic of this Agreement, and supplants all earlier oral and composed responsibilities, understandings, and interchanges between the Parties with respect to such matter. The Company may, at its sole watchfulness, correct the Agreement, occasionally, by giving the changed version(s) of the equivalent to the Affiliate recorded as a hard copy, at the sole carefulness of the Company, without being needed to give any earlier notification to the Affiliate. Any proceeded with execution of its commitments under this Agreement, by the Affiliate after the changed Agreement has become effective will be considered as the Affiliate’s agree to such modified Agreement.

Though, the Company is a main internet business association of Bangladesh which with the end goal of this Agreement is occupied with the arrangement of publicizing administrations and Affiliate is willing and ready to offer special types of assistance and substance of the Channels to Customers, for the Company, to build the client traffic on those Channels. The Company currently connects with the Affiliate, and the Affiliate acknowledges such commitment, to play out the Promotion of the Channels in the Territory on the footing and conditions determined in this.


1.1 ). Advertising Material will mean any publicizing materials given by the Company to the Affiliate, to be distributed by the Affiliate on the Affiliate’s Accounts exclusively for the motivations behind leading the Promotion of the Channels, as per the terms and conditions in this

1.2). “Associate” or “You” will have the importance given to the term in the Preamble above (for example the main Party named above, who will be locked in with the end goal of, and approved by the Company to advance the Channels on the footing and states of this Agreement).

1.3). “Partner’s Account” will mean all publicizing or potentially advancement competent medias used by the Affiliate, including without impediment sites, applications, online media accounts, messages, varying media channels (regardless of whether computerized or conventional), pamphlets, Affiliate organizations’ sub members, their claimed and expedited medias, to distribute the Advertising Materials for the Promotional of the Channels, as per the terms hereunder.

1.4).  “Understanding” will have the significance given to the term in the Preamble above (for example these Affiliate Terms and Conditions).

1.5).  “Channels” will mean the online commercial center working under the style and name of ‘Albeliz’, through altogether through the (1) versatile utilization of a similar name and (2) the web-based interfaces situated at owned and worked by the Company.

1.6).  “Chargeback” will mean a charge that is gotten back to a Customer’s installment card (regardless of whether a charge, acknowledge, or charge card all things considered) after the Customer effectively questions a thing for their card explanation or exchanges report with that Customer’s bank.

1.7).  “Snap” will mean a Customer’s snap on a Hyperlink given by the Affiliate, which courses that Customer straightforwardly to the Channel(s).

1.8).  “Commission” will have the importance given to the term in Clause 3.1 hereunder.

1.9).  “Commission Exemptions” will have the importance given to the term in Clause 3.2 hereunder.

1.10).  “Organization” will mean, an organization set up under the Companies Act 1994, having its enrolled office at  House 11(2nd Floor), Block F, Road 2/A, Banani, Dhaka – 1213, Bangladesh.

1.11).  “Classified Information” will have the importance given to the term in Clause 6.1.

1.12).  “Client” will have the importance given to the term in Clause 2.1 hereunder.

1.13).  “Hyperlink” will mean a connection gave to the Affiliate by the Company, to the Channel (or a particular Product posting on the Channel) as a precise URL, to be distributed by the Affiliate in the Affiliate’s Accounts, which distinguishes the Affiliate at whatever point a Customer Clicks on it.

1.14).  “Protected innovation Rights” signifies every patent right, copyright rights, cover work rights, moral rights, privileges of exposure, brand name, exchange dress and administration mark rights, altruism, proprietary advantage rights and other licensed innovation rights as may now exist or henceforth appear, and all applications thusly and enrollments, restorations and expansions thereof, under the laws of any state, nation, region or other purview.

1.15).  “Receipt” will mean the month to month receipt gave by the Company, for the Affiliate which indicates the Commissions that accumulated for the Affiliate in the former schedule month, less any pertinent allowances.

1.16).  “Net Sales” will mean deals income got by the Company for the offer of any Product to the Customer which includes the (1) Customer’s Click of a Hyperlink; as well as (2) contribution of a Voucher Code at checkout on the Channel; and where such deal isn’t straightforwardly or in a roundabout way brought about by a Commission Exemption; short all the relating applied limits (regardless of whether through Voucher Code, or in any case applied by the merchant of the Product or the Company at checkout).

1.17).  “Item” will mean any product(s) recorded available to be purchased by outsider dealers on the Company’s Channels.

1.18).  “Advancement” will have the significance given to the term in Clause 2.1 hereunder. a charge that is gotten back to a Customer’s installment card (regardless of whether a charge, acknowledge, or charge card all things considered) after the Customer effectively questions a thing for their card proclamation or exchanges report with that Customer’s bank.

1.19).  “Returns and Refunds Policy” will mean the pertinent Company arrangements which oversee the technique for returns and discounts of Products by Customers on the applicable Channels situated at Returns and Refunds Policy of Bangladesh.

1.20.). “Term” will have the importance given to the term in Clause 11.1 hereunder.

1.21). “Domain” will mean any geological locale on the planet.

1.22). “Tank” will mean worth added charges.

2. Arrangement

2.1).  The Company delegates the Affiliate as its Channel advancement subsidiary for the Territory, wherein the Affiliate will lead Promotions for the Channels for the Affiliate’s devotees, supporters, or potentially any individual visiting the Affiliate’s website(s) and additionally web-based media accounts (“Customers”), just as distribute the Advertising Materials of the Affiliate’s Accounts to actuate them to visit and utilize the Channels (“Promotion”).

2.2).  Affiliate will just direct the Promotion of the Channels to Customers inside the Territory, besides as in any case endorsed recorded as a hard copy by Company.

2.3).  The Channels inside the Territory will be covered non-only by Affiliate, and the Company is allowed to draw in different offshoots to offer comparative types of assistance to the Promotion with the Territory.

3. Remuneration

3.1).  In thought for the Affiliate’s presentation of its commitments and as great and important thought, the Company will pay to the Affiliate, a commission on the Net Sales in the Territory, at such rates as will be indicated recorded as a hard copy and advised by the Company to the Affiliate, occasionally (“Commission”). The Commission is comprehensive of VAT, where appropriate, and will be liable to require and derivation of all pertinent charges (counting without limit retaining assessments and VAT). The rate(s) pertinent to the Commission might be amended whenever at the sole caution of the Company, subject to earlier composed notification being given to the Affiliate to such change.

3.2).  The Parties thusly concur, recognize and affirm that Commission will not be payable against Net Sales of any Products (a) which were along these lines returned and additionally discounted as per the Company’s Returns and Refunds Policy; (b) against which there was a Chargeback; (c) which were essential for an exchange against which any type of fake action has been suspected or found by the Company, (d) where the request exchange was dropped by the Customer subsequent to putting it; (e) where the Customer bought the Product with the expectation of exchanging it; and (f) where the request was connected to the Affiliate’s lead of any of the restricted activities indicated in Clause 7.6.1-7.6.15 hereunder (hereinafter aggregately alluded to as “Commission Exemptions”) .

3.3). Commission installments along with the Invoice will be given and distributed by the seventh day of each schedule month of the Term, for the Commission gathered for the Affiliate in the first schedule month. Commission against the Net Sales of a Product will build for the Affiliate in the schedule month that the discount/return window of a bought Product has slipped by for its relating Customer, according to the Returns and Refunds Policy, and gave that no Commission Exemptions have happened against such Product. Commission installments against an Invoice will be payable by the Company to the Affiliate inside 15(fifteen) from the date of issue of the Invoice (subject to the arrangements of Clause 3.3.1). hereunder). Commission installments will be made in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

3.3.2). The Parties thus concur, recognize and affirm that once an Invoice has been given, the Affiliate can’t demand any progressions to the substance or type of such Invoice, under any circumstances. In the event that the Affiliate wishes to challenge the substance of the Invoice, they may just do as such to challenge any apparent errors, under the arrangements of Clause 3.5.1 and 3.5.2 hereunder (if appropriate).

3.3.3). The Company claims all authority to retain any Commission installments under an Invoice, where the total Commission due and payable under such Invoice is not exactly BDT 2500 (Taka Twenty-Five Hundred) in particular. In such occasion, the Company will persist the accumulated Commission onto the Invoice for the accompanying schedule month, and pay the equivalent out just once the all-out Commission due on a resulting Invoice crosses BDT 2500 (Taka Twenty-Five Hundred).

3.4). The Company will indicate any derivations made against the Commissions in the relating Invoice. The Company will be qualified for make allowances from the Commissions for the accompanying reasons:

3.4.1). To change any wrong over calculation of Commissions due in a past Invoice;

3.4.2). For Commissions paid against a past Invoice, for a Product against which a Commission Exemption under Clause 3.2 (b), (c), (e), or (f) happened after that relating Invoice was given (or if the Company got mindful of such Commission Exemption after the comparing Invoice was given);

3.4.3). For any material retention charges (counting VAT if appropriate) that the Company is needed to retain according to the law;

3.4.4). For Commissions which are connected to any penetrate of the Affiliates commitments or portrayals under this Agreement;

3.4.5). For any handling expenses or potentially bank accuses brought about by Company of regard to the moving the significant Commission installments to the Affiliate; and

3.4.6). To set-off any sums because of the Company from the Affiliate, under any conditions.

3.5). The Company will likewise furnish the Affiliate with admittance to a dashboard on the Channel, which will permit the Affiliate to see recorded information on (a) how often Customers have visited the Channels by Clicking the Hyperlink; (b) the number of requests were set by the Customers because of the Promotion; (c) how much deals income was created to compute the Net Sales; and (d) Customer transformation rates.

3.5.1). The Affiliate may accommodate Invoice against the information on this dashboard, and in the occasion the Affiliate finds an inconsistency which conceivably demonstrates a blunder in computation of Commissions on the Invoice, the Affiliate will be qualified for raise a question, by telling the Company recorded as a hard copy no later than 30 (thirty) days after that Invoice is given.

3.5.2). Where the Affiliate raises a debate under Clause 3.5.1, the Company will decisively explore the contest to decide if there is any legitimacy to the question, and provided that this is true, the Company will change the Commissions payable for the Affiliate on the accompanying Invoice. In the occasion no legitimacy is discovered that question will be settled for the Company. The Company’s count of Commission due because of such examination will be conclusive and decisive for assurance of debates raised under Clause 3.5.1.


4.1). In execution of its commitments under the Agreement, the Affiliate will not provide any cost estimates, terms, conditions, bargains, offers, rivalries, crusades, nor lotteries for any of the Products on the Channels, other than those explicitly determined recorded as a hard copy by the Company. Any costs, terms, conditions, bargains, offers, rivalries, missions, and lotteries for the Products are to be set up exclusively by the Company, with quick impact.

4.2). The Company will be the caretaker of record regarding all Net Sales of Products, Commissions, and Commission Exemptions. The Parties further thusly concur, recognize, and affirm:

4.2.1). That following and investigating the Channels, of orders, Clicks, and deals of Products through the Hyperlink and Voucher Code in led by the Company, by which a treat is dropped on the Customer’s program to follow exchange back to the Affiliate and by which the gadget ID is utilized to follow exchanges created from the Channels.

4.2.2). The Company attributes an offer of the Product to the Affiliate, if the Affiliate is in the last situation of the Click chain going before the acquisition of that Product by the Customer.

4.2.3). Cookies dropped with the end goal of request following of Products by Customers under Clause 4.2.1 will be legitimate and accessible for 7 days from that point.

4.3). All orders for any Products on the Channels are dependent upon acknowledgment or dismissal by an approved official of Company at its home office and to the endorsement of the Company’s credit office. The Company will not be committed to acknowledge any requests from the Customers and may reject such requests in its entire and sole caution, with no obligation towards the Affiliate for such dismissals.


5.1). Nothing in this Agreement will be understood to establish Affiliate as the accomplice, joint endeavor, worker, or specialist of the Company nor will either Party have any position to tie the other in any regard, it being planned that each will stay a self-employed entity capable just for its own activities.

5.2). The Company and Affiliate concur that during the Term of the Agreement, and any recharging thereof and for a 01 (one) year time frame following end/termination of the Agreement, neither one of the parties will recruit or draw in or endeavor to enlist or connect with a worker of the other or an autonomous delegate under agreement with the other Party, without first getting earlier composed endorsement from the other Party. The two players concur that the deficiency of such worker or free delegate would bring about hopeless mischief and awards to the next Party the option to look for harms and a directive in a court of value or other capable power to authorize its privileges hereunder.

6. Confidential INFORMATION

6.1). Unless in any case indicated in the Agreement, all data traded over the span of the Agreement (“Confidential Information”) will be viewed as private between the Parties and will not be uncovered to any unapproved individual or utilized by the beneficiary other than for the reason to which it relates. Any approved exposure to another person(s) will be on similar terms as to classification as contained in this proviso. Gatherings thusly consent to make accessible Confidential Information just to those of their representatives who need to approach it for the reasons for this Agreement and to commit such workers correspondingly to the degree legitimately allowable.

6.2). If, for the motivations behind this Agreement, a Party uncovers any Confidential Information to its workers, it will advise such representatives of the private nature thereof and put forth all essential attempts and avoid potential risk to tie such workers to keep the Confidential Information carefully secret.

6.3). During and after the residency of this Agreement if any Confidential Information is gotten by a Party under or by righteousness of this Agreement the equivalent will be kept up in the strictest of certainty and trust.

6.4). The accompanying exposures of the other Party’s Confidential Information will not be considered as approved and will not be a break of any of the secrecy commitments under this Clause 6:

  1. To consent to the compulsory arrangements of appropriate law or the standards of any perceived ward;
  2. The data is in the public space, other than through a penetrate of this proviso;For the motivations behind any intervention or legitimate procedures emerging from this Agreement; and
  3. To any legislative authority at their solicitation.

6.5). The commitment of classification and restricted use will endure end of this Agreement and proceed even after the end or expiry of this Agreement.


7.1). The Affiliate will guarantee that every single individual agent, faculty, staff of the Affiliate that are associated with the Affiliate’s presentation of its commitments under this Agreement, have the essential admittance to any gear and conveniences needed to empower the Affiliate to play out its commitments under this Agreement (and that the Company will not be answerable for giving the equivalent). The Affiliate will determinedly commit its time and endeavors towards the selling of the Products.

7.2). The Affiliate will direct the entirety of its exhibition of its commitments under this Agreement, in its own name and in such way as it might see fit. The Affiliate will pay all costs of its office and exercises and will be answerable for the demonstrations and costs of its faculty/staff/agents.

7.3). The Affiliate will not, without the Company’s earlier composed endorsement, make any portrayals or certifications concerning the Products or acknowledge the arrival of, or consider such Products.

7.4). The Affiliate will maintain Company’s strategies and convey same to the Customers.

7.5). The Affiliate thusly addresses, warrants and contracts that:

7.5.1). It has full corporate force and position to go into this Agreement;

7.5.2). It won’t, by temperance of going into and playing out this Agreement, be infringing upon any authoritative commitment it owes to an outsider or the Company under some other understanding, or any term or arrangement of any judgment or declaration to which it is a gathering or by which it is bound, nor under any legally binding or legitimate commitment which will supplant any of the Affiliate’s commitments under this Agreement;

7.5.3). The presentation by the Affiliate of the Promotion of the Channels needed under this Agreement doesn’t and won’t abuse any material law, rule or guideline or any protected innovation right of an outsider;

7.5.4). It won’t use in the presentation of its duties under this Agreement any private data or proprietary innovations or protected innovation of someone else or element without the suitable permit, approval, license or assent;

7.5.5). It is talented in the expert calling important to play out the Promotion of the Channels and its obligations and commitments contained in this;

7.5.6). It will play out the Promotion of the Channels in conformance to and predictable with appropriate law and the guidelines for the most part perceived as being utilized by experts in a similar control on a worldwide level in a commitment of comparative degree, intricacy and term;

7.6). The Affiliate will not, under any conditions, do any of the accompanying:

7.6.1). Presentation any connections, materials, or other Company-related substance on any site or application that contains any obscene, scorn related, realistic, savage or unlawful substance, or any substance that advances separation dependent on race, identity, sex, religion, ethnicity, incapacity, sexual direction or age;

7.6.2). offer for any web crawler situation/improvement/advertising utilizing the expression “Albeliz”, “”, “Shop”, “” or any variety or incorrect spelling of the expressions “Albeliz” or “Shop”.

7.6.3). presentation any Company-related substance on any site, that in any capacity derides the Company, its offshoots or auxiliaries or their items or benefits or encroaches on any of the Company’s licensed innovation or different rights.

7.6.4). Copy, duplicate, figure out, alter, adjust, shorten, or change the Company’s treats as well as following connections in any capacity.

7.6.5). Cause, empower, or underwrite any exchanges to be made with the Company that are not in compliance with common decency.

7.6.6). Conduct any exercises related with the Promotion of the Channels that are in any capacity exploitative and additionally illicit or potentially intended to misdirect the Customers.

7.6.7). Enjoy any exercises that could, in the Company’s judgment, ponder ineffectively the Company (and additionally the Company’s member organizations, accomplices and related endeavors) or in any case vilify or cheapen Company’s standing or generosity, or make any disarray among Customers among Albeliz and any outsider.

7.6.8). incorporate any licensed innovation of the Company or its members, or a variation or incorrect spelling of such licensed innovation, in any space name, subdomain name, or in any username, bunch name, email address, or informal community identifier, or unauthorized use and additionally alter the Company’s name (or any variation or incorrect spelling thereof), Intellectual Property Rights in any way at all.

7.6.9). Utilize any Company Content to refresh or make the Affiliate’s own data set of professional references data or utilize the to assemble an email list for the Affiliate’s own (or any third party’s) business purposes.

7.6.10). Make, unveil, or sell any data or measurements about, or play out any factual investigation of the Company’s substance.

7.6.11). Participate in treat stuffing or false movement.

7.6.12). Reason any product to be downloaded or introduced on a Customer’s frameworks, without that Customer’s earlier positive assent.

7.6.13). Not set any treats except if the Advertising Materials are in obvious use on that Affiliate Account and permits the Customer to explicitly and intentionally Click on the equivalent. The Affiliate will not utilize layers, additional items, iFrames, spring up, fly under, webpage under, Auto-divert commercials which consequently divert the Customer to Advertiser sites without the Customer’s commitment or activity (for example click, contact), treat dropping, post view innovation, misdirecting promotions that bring about deluding Clicks that show anticipated substance, will not be allowed and are carefully precluded.

7.6.14). Not buy any Products from any Channels through the Promotion, nor through utilizing a Hyperlink, nor through utilization of any Voucher Codes connected to the Promotion under this Agreement. Moreover, no Commission will be payable on any Net Sales produced through infringement of this Clause 7.6.14, and any such infringement will comprise a material penetrate of this Agreement.

7.6.15). Not deliberately or carelessly cause (regardless of whether straightforwardly or in a roundabout way) any Products from any Channels through the Promotion, to be bought by organizations and additionally affiliates (for example any outsider that buys a Product with the goal of exchanging a similar further). Besides, no Commission will be payable on any Net Sales produced through infringement of this Clause 7.6.15, and any such infringement will comprise a material penetrate of this Agreement.


8.1). The Company will be exclusively answerable for the guaranteeing the presentation, and supply of the Products, and the venders posting the Products on the Channels will be liable for the plan, advancement, creation, and execution of its Products and the insurance of its business trademarks. The Company’s total obligation towards the Affiliate under this Agreement, regardless of whether in agreement, misdeed, or in any case will not surpass the measure of total Commission paid to the Affiliate in the 06 (six) months going before such case.

8.2).  The Company will not, under any conditions, be responsible for any disturbances, inaccessibility, glitches, vacation or deferrals in usefulness of its Channels, nor does the Company ensure, address or warrant in any capacity that the Channels will work liberated from the equivalent.

8.3).  The Company will not, under any conditions, be obligated to the Affiliate for any unique, considerable, coincidental, correctional, excellent, or backhanded expenses or harms, including, yet not restricted to, suit expenses, establishment and evacuation expenses, or loss of information, creation, benefit, or business openings.

9. Licensed innovation RIGHTS

The Parties thusly concur, recognize and insist that the Company and its licensors hold OK, title, and interest in and to all Intellectual Property Rights related in and to the Channels and the Advertising Materials. The logos and names are brand names of the Company and are enlisted in specific wards. Any remaining Product names, brand names, imprints, logos, and images on the Channels might be the brand names of their particular proprietors. Besides as explicitly expressed in this Agreement, nothing in the Agreement presents any permit or proprietorship to the Affiliate or any outsider, under any of Company’s or any outsider’s Intellectual Property Rights, regardless of whether by estoppel, suggestion, or something else.

10. Repayment

The Affiliate will repay, shield, and hold innocuous Company, and its chiefs, officials, workers, delegates, and specialists (each an “Repaid Party”) from any cases, harms, liabilities, expenses, misfortunes, and costs (counting, however not restricted to, sensible lawyers’ charges and all connected expenses

furthermore, costs) emerging from or identifying with any case, suit, continuing, request, or activity brought by the Affiliate or any outsider against an Indemnified Party identifying with: (a) distributing as well as utilization of the Advertising Material in any unapproved way, or altering them or any part thereof; (b) the Affiliate’s inability to follow the Agreement; (c) Affiliate’s inability to conform to relevant law(s) or potentially regulation(s); (d) Affiliate’s carelessness, adamant wrongdoing, or misrepresentation; and (e) criticism, slander, infringement of protection rights, unjustifiable rivalry, or encroachment of Intellectual Property Rights or claims thereof to the degree brought about by the Affiliate.


11.1 ). This Agreement will come into full power and impact upon the Affiliate’s acknowledgment of this Agreement in the way endorsed hereinabove, and will keep on leftover substantial and in power, except if in any case ended as per this Agreement (“Term”).

11.2). Upon the end of this Agreement, a last bookkeeping will be made between the Parties. Organization will keep an exact arrangement of books and records with respect to Commissions because of Affiliate following the end of this Agreement. Following end, the Company will be qualified for retain Commissions gathered up to the compelling date of end for a sensible period after said Commissions become due and payable, to guarantee all comparing Commission Exemptions have been represented preceding paying said Commission.

11.3). Upon end of this Agreement, the Affiliate is qualified for Commissions on all orders requested preceding the compelling date of end/termination (which are not along these lines returned/discounted), paying little mind to when the Company acknowledges, solicitations, or ships such requests. Offshoot will return, inside thirty (30) days of end all Advertising Materials, just as some other property of Company that the Affiliate is holding.

11.4). This Agreement might be ended for the accompanying reasons as it were:

11.4.1). if either Party will submit a demonstration of liquidation or document an intentional request for insolvency, or be announced bankrupt in a compulsory continuing, or record for an arrangement under any Bankruptcy Act, or spot its undertakings in the hand of a recipient, or go into a piece to serve leasers, or play out some other demonstration dependent on or because of its deficient credit position, at that point the other part to the Agreement may end this Agreement promptly by composed notification of end to the next Party.

11.4.2). Save for the arrangements under Clause

11.4.4). hereunder, ought to either Party be in material penetrate of its commitments and duties under this Agreement, at that point the other Party may end this Agreement by giving 7 days advance composed notification of end to the next Party presenting the material break whereupon the end is based. Notwithstanding, in the wake of accepting such notification, the Party getting same will have 7 days to fix the supposed break. On the off chance that such break is restored, at that point the pink slip will stand removed, and this Agreement will proceed in full power and impact.

11.4.3). By one or the other Party, without cause, by serving the other Party a 15-day composed notification of end to the next Party indicating the powerful date of such end in that.

11.4.4). By Company, with prompt impact after serving a composed notification of end to the Affiliate, if the Merchant is found, in the supreme watchfulness and sole assessment of the Company, to have submitted any fake action at all, in compatibility of the Affiliate’s commitments under this Agreement.

11.4.5). By shared understanding of the Parties recorded as a hard copy determining the viable date of end.

12. Task

This Agreement will not be doled out by the Affiliate, whenever or for any reason at all, without the Company’s express composed agree to such task.


The waiver by one or the other Party of a right, default, or break of any arrangement of this Agreement by the other Party will not work or be interpreted as a waiver of any ensuing right, default, or penetrate.

14. Adjustments

Any alterations to this Agreement will possibly be powerful if (1) gave in an updated variant by the Company recorded as a hard copy; or (2) whenever said adjustment is proposed by the Affiliate, at that point in a composing endorsed by the two players.


Each Party will, minus any additional thought, execute and convey such extra records and instruments and play out all such other and further activities as might be important or sensibly mentioned to do the reasons and purposes of this Agreement.

16. Material LAW

This Agreement and any inquiry concerning its legitimacy, development or execution will be administered by the laws of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, regardless of the spot of execution, or the request where the marks of the Parties are appended or the spot or places of execution. The Parties concur that the courts, councils or potentially semi legal bodies situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh will have the restrictive ward on any question emerging inside Bangladesh under accordingly Agreement.


The unenforceability (or the adjustment important to adjust with such law and public strategy) of any piece of this Agreement will not be considered to deliver unenforceable some other piece of this Agreement. In the event that any piece of this Agreement will be chosen to be invalid or unenforceable in any activity or continuing in which Affiliate or Company are parties, at that point such part will be considered erased or changed, by and large, from the Agreement to deliver the rest of this Agreement legitimate and enforceable. Any such cancellation or correction will apply just where the court delivering the equivalent has purview.


This Agreement contains the whole arrangement and Agreement of the Parties concerning the topic about. There has been, is and will be, no portrayal, contract, or undertaking other than those explicitly gone ahead in this Agreement. Each Party thus recognizes and addresses that in executing and going into this Agreement, no other gathering nor any specialist, lawyer or other delegate of any Party has made any guarantee, portrayal, guarantee, contract, cautioning or affectation at all, express or suggested, besides as contained in this Agreement. Each Party recognizes and addresses that he has perused and comprehends this Agreement, and every single arrangement and term of this Agreement.

19. Passage HEADINGS

All headings set for in this Agreement are expected for accommodation just and will not control or influence the importance, development, or impact of this Agreement or of any of the arrangements thereof.

20. Question RESOLUTION

The Parties concur that any debates or questions emerging hereunder including the development or use of this Agreement will initially be endeavored to be agreeably settled by the senior administration of the Parties inside 15 (fifteen) days of one Party informing the other Party of such contest recorded as a hard copy. In the event that the Parties can’t arrive at a neighborly settlement of such debate inside 15 days, at that point the matter will be alluded to required and restricting mediation as per the Rules of Arbitration of the Bangladesh International Arbitration Center (“BIAC”) by at least one judges selected as per the said Rules. The seat of mediation will be Dhaka and the assertions will be directed in the English Language. The choice of the referee will be conclusive and restricting upon the Parties both as to law and to certainty and will not be appealable to any court in any ward. The Parties will share the costs of the intervention similarly, except if the mediator confirms that the costs will be generally evaluated.


In the event that suit or activity is established regarding any contention emerging out of this Agreement or a requirement of any privilege hereunder, the common Party will be qualified for recuperate, notwithstanding costs, such wholes as the court may pronounce sensible as lawyer’s charges, remembering expenses for any allure.

22. Notices

Any notification to be given or served upon any Party to this Agreement should be recorded as a hard copy and will be considered to have been given (I) upon receipt in case of individual assistance by real conveyance (counting by telecopy or conveyance administration); (ii) after posting whenever saved in the neighborhood mail center with legitimate postage and dispatched by affirmed mail; or (iii) upon receipt if notice is given in any case than by close to home help or by guaranteed mail. Notification may likewise be sent by copy or electronic mail, given that legitimate courses of action are made ahead of time to encourage such correspondences and accommodate their security and check.


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