Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to Albeliz.com.bd additionally therefore known as “we”, “us” or “Albeliz”. We are an online commercial center and these are the terms and conditions administering your entrance and utilization of Albeliz alongside its connected sub-spaces, locales, portable application, administrations and apparatuses (the “Website”). By utilizing the Site, you thus acknowledge these terms and conditions (counting the connected data in this) and address that you consent to follow these terms and conditions (the “Client Agreement”). This User Agreement is considered viable upon your utilization of the Site which means your acknowledgment of these terms. On the off chance that you don’t consent to be limited by this User Agreement kindly don’t get to, register with or utilize this Site. This Site is possessed and worked by Albeliz.com , an organization consolidated under the Companies Act, 1994, (Registration Number: 117773/14).

The Site maintains all authority to change, adjust, add, or eliminate segments of these Terms and Conditions whenever with no earlier warning. Changes will be successful when posted on the Site with no other notification gave. Kindly check these Terms and Conditions routinely for refreshes. Your proceeded with utilization of the Site following the presenting of changes on Terms and Conditions of utilization comprises your acknowledgment of those changes.

2. States OF USE


To get to specific administrations offered by the stage, we may necessitate that you make a record with us or give individual data to finish the production of a record. We may whenever in our sole and outright prudence, nullify the username and additionally secret key without giving any explanation or earlier notification and will not be obligated or answerable for any misfortunes endured by, brought about by, emerging out of, regarding or by reason of such solicitation or nullification.

You are liable for keeping up the classification of your client distinguishing proof, secret word, account subtleties and related private data. You consent to acknowledge this duty and guarantee your record and its connected subtleties are kept up safely consistently and all vital advances are required to forestall abuse of your record. You ought to advise us quickly on the off chance that you have any motivation to accept that your secret word has gotten known to any other person, or if the secret phrase is being, or is probably going to be, utilized in an unapproved way. You concur and recognize that any utilization of the Site and related administrations offered as well as any admittance to private data, information or correspondences utilizing your record and secret phrase will be considered to be either performed by you or approved by you by and large. You consent to be limited by any entrance of the Site and additionally utilization of any administrations offered by the Site (regardless of whether such access or use are approved by you or not). You concur that we will be entitled (yet not obliged) to follow up on, depend on or consider you exclusively capable and responsible in regard thereof as though the equivalent were done or sent by you. You further concur and recognize that you will be limited by and consent to completely reimburse us against all misfortunes emerging from the utilization of or admittance to the Site through your record.

Kindly guarantee that the subtleties you give us are right and complete consistently. You are committed to refresh insights regarding your record progressively by getting to your record on the web. For snippets of data you can’t refresh by getting to Your Account on the Site, you should educate us by means of our client care correspondence channels to help you with these changes. We maintain whatever authority is needed to decline admittance to the Site, end records, eliminate or alter content whenever without earlier notification to you. We may whenever in our sole and supreme watchfulness, demand that you update your Personal Data or forthwith nullify the record or related subtleties without giving any explanation or earlier notification and will not be at risk or liable for any misfortunes endured by or brought about by you or emerging out of or regarding or by reason of such solicitation or negation. You thus consent to change your secret word occasionally and to keep your record secure and furthermore will be liable for the privacy of your record and obligated for any divulgence or use (if such use is approved) of the username as well as secret word.

B. Protection

If it’s not too much trouble, survey our Privacy Agreement, which likewise oversees your visit to the Site. The individual data/information gave to us by you or your utilization of the Site will be treated as carefully private, as per the Privacy Agreement and appropriate laws and guidelines. On the off chance that you object to your data being moved or utilized in the way determined in the Privacy Agreement, kindly don’t utilize the Site.


You concur, comprehend and recognize that the Site is an online stage that empowers you to buy items recorded at the cost showed in that whenever from any area utilizing an installment technique for your decision. You further concur and recognize that we are just a facilitator and can’t be a gathering to or control in any way any exchanges on the Site or on an installment door as made accessible to you by an autonomous specialist co-op. Appropriately, the agreement of offer of items on the Site will be a carefully bipartite agreement among you and the dealers on our Site while the installment preparing happens between you, the specialist organization and if there should be an occurrence of prepayments with electronic cards your backer bank. As needs be, the agreement of installment on the Site will be carefully a bipartite agreement among you and the specialist organization as recorded on our Site.


We will do our most extreme to guarantee that admittance to the Site is reliably accessible and is continuous and blunder free. Notwithstanding, because of the idea of the Internet and the idea of the Site, this can’t be ensured. Furthermore, your admittance to the Site may likewise be sporadically suspended or limited to take into account fixes, support, or the presentation of new offices or administrations whenever without earlier notification. We will endeavor to restrict the recurrence and span of any such suspension or limitation.


We require that by getting to the Site, you affirm that you can frame lawfully official agreements and thusly you affirm that you are at any rate 18 years old or are getting to the Site under the management of a parent or legitimate watchman. We award you a non-adaptable, revocable and non-select permit to utilize the Site, as per the Terms and Conditions depicted thus, for the reasons for looking for individual things and administrations as leaned to be sold on the Site. Business use or use for the benefit of any outsider is restricted, besides as expressly allowed by us ahead of time. In the event that you are enrolling as a business element, you address that you have the power to tie that substance to this User Agreement and that you and the business element will follow all pertinent laws identifying with web based exchanging. No individual or business substance may enroll as an individual from the Site more than once. Any penetrate of these Terms and Conditions will bring about the quick denial of the permit allowed in this passage without notice to you.

Content gave on this Site is exclusively for educational purposes. Item portrayals including cost, accessible stock, highlights, additional items and some other subtleties as communicated on this Site are the duty of the merchants showing them and isn’t ensured as totally precise by us. Entries or suppositions communicated on this Site are those of the individual(s) posting such substance and may not mirror our sentiments.

We award you a restricted permit to access and utilize this Site, yet not to download (barring page reserves) or adjust the Site or any bit of it in any way. This permit does exclude any resale or business utilization of this Site or its substance; any assortment and utilization of any item postings, depictions, or costs; any subordinate utilization of this Site or its substance; any downloading or duplicating of record data to help another dealer; or any utilization of information mining, robots, or comparable information social occasion and extraction instruments.

This Site or any part of it (counting yet not restricted to any copyrighted material, brand names, or other exclusive data) may not be repeated, copied, replicated, sold, exchanged, visited, dispersed or in any case misused for any business reason without express composed assent by us as might be appropriate.

You may not casing or use outlining strategies to encase any brand name, logo, or other restrictive data (counting pictures, text, page design, or structure) without our express composed assent. You may not utilize any meta labels or some other content using our name or brand name without our express composed assent, as relevant. Any unapproved use ends the consent or permit conceded by us to you for admittance to the Site with no earlier notification. You may not utilize our logo or other exclusive realistic or brand name as a feature of an outer connection for business or different purposes without our express composed assent, as might be relevant.

You concur and attempt not to perform limited exercises recorded inside this part; embraced these exercises will bring about a quick crossing out of your record, administrations, audits, orders or any current deficient exchange with us and in serious cases may likewise bring about lawful activity:

Refusal to consent to the Terms and Conditions portrayed in this or some other rules and arrangements identified with the utilization of the Site as accessible on the Site consistently.

Mimic any individual or element or to dishonestly state or in any case distort your alliance with any individual or element.

Utilize the Site for unlawful purposes.

Endeavor to acquire unapproved admittance to or in any case meddle or upset other PC frameworks or organizations associated with the Platform or Services.

Meddle with another’s use and happiness regarding the Site;

Post, advance or send through the Site any disallowed materials as considered illicit by The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Utilize or transfer, in any capacity, any product or material that contains, or which you have motivation to presume that contains, infections, harming parts, malevolent code or unsafe segments which may debilitate or ruin the Site’s information or harm or meddle with the activity of another Customer’s PC or cell phone or the Site and utilize the Site other than in conformance with the adequate use arrangements of any associated PC organizations, any pertinent Internet principles and some other appropriate laws.


You should not utilize the site at all that causes, or is probably going to cause, the Site or admittance to it to be interfered, harmed or debilitated in any capacity. You should not participate in exercises that could hurt or conceivably hurt the Site, its workers, officials, agents, partners or some other gathering straightforwardly or by implication related with the Site or admittance to it to be intruded, harmed or disabled in any capacity. You comprehend that you, and not us, are liable for all electronic interchanges and substance sent from your PC to us and you should utilize the Site for legitimate purposes as it were. You are carefully precluded from utilizing the Site

for deceitful purposes, or regarding a criminal offense or other unlawful movement

to send, utilize or reuse any material that doesn’t have a place with you; or is illicit, hostile (counting however not restricted to material that is explicitly express substance or which advances prejudice, extremism, contempt or actual mischief), tricky, deceiving, oppressive, disgusting, bothering, godless, slanderous, offensive, vulgar, obscene, paedophilic or threatening; ethnically frightful, decrying or in penetrate of copyright, brand name, secrecy, protection or some other exclusive data or right; or is generally damaging to outsiders; or identifies with or advances illegal tax avoidance or betting; or is hurtful to minors in any capacity; or mimics someone else; or compromises the solidarity, uprightness, security or sway of Bangladesh or agreeable relations with unfamiliar States; or questionable or in any case unlawful in any way at all; or which comprises of or contains programming infections, political battling, business sales, networking letters, mass mailings or any “spam”

Utilize the Site for unlawful purposes. to cause irritation, burden or unnecessary uneasiness for whatever other purposes that is other than what is proposed by us


Anything that you submit to the Site and additionally give to us, including yet not restricted to, questions, surveys, remarks, and recommendations (altogether, “Entries”) will turn into our sole and select property and will not be gotten back to you. Notwithstanding the rights pertinent to any Submission, when you present remarks or audits on the Site, you likewise award us the option to utilize the name that you submit, regarding such survey, remark, or other substance. You will not utilize a bogus email address, profess to be somebody other than yourself or in any case misdirect us or outsiders with regards to the inception of any Submissions. We may, however will not be committed to, eliminate or alter any Submissions with no notification or legitimate course relevant to us in such manner.


We list a great many items available to be purchased offered by various venders on the Site and host different remarks on postings, it isn’t feasible for us to know about the substance of every item recorded available to be purchased, or each remark or survey that is shown. As needs be, we work on a “guarantee, survey and takedown” premise. On the off chance that you accept that any substance on the Site is illicit, hostile (counting however not restricted to material that is explicitly express substance or which advances prejudice, dogmatism, scorn or actual damage), tricky, deceiving, harsh, profane, badgering, impious, abusive, derogatory, indecent, obscene, paedophilic or threatening; ethnically offensive, decrying; or is generally harmful to outsiders; or identifies with or advances tax evasion or betting; or is destructive to minors in any capacity; or mimics someone else; or undermines the solidarity, trustworthiness, security or sway of Bangladesh or agreeable relations with unfamiliar States; or shocking or in any case unlawful in any way at all; or which comprises of or contains programming infections, (” questionable substance “), if it’s not too much trouble, inform us promptly by following by keeping in touch with us on legal@albeliz.com.bd. We will make all viable undertakings to examine and eliminate substantial shocking substance whined about inside a sensible measure of time.

If it’s not too much trouble, guarantee to give your name, address, contact data and as numerous significant subtleties of the case including name of questionable substance party, occasions of complaint, evidence of protest among other. If it’s not too much trouble, note that giving inadequate subtleties will ruin your case and unusable for legitimate purposes.


We regard the protected innovation of others. In the event that you accept that your licensed innovation rights have been utilized such that offers ascend to worries of encroachment, kindly keep in touch with us at legal@albeliz.com.bd and we will put forth all sensible attempts to address your anxiety inside a sensible measure of time. If it’s not too much trouble, guarantee to give your name, address, contact data and as numerous significant subtleties of the case including name of encroaching gathering, occurrences of encroachment, confirmation of encroachment among other. If it’s not too much trouble, note that giving inadequate subtleties will ruin your case and unusable for lawful purposes. Also, giving bogus or misdirecting data might be viewed as a lawful offense and might be trailed by lawful procedures.

We likewise regard a maker’s entitlement to go into selective appropriation or resale arrangements for its items. Notwithstanding, infringement of such arrangements don’t comprise protected innovation rights encroachment. As the implementation of these arrangements is a matter between the producer, wholesaler or potentially individual affiliate, it would not be suitable for us to aid the authorization of such exercises. While we can’t give lawful guidance, nor share private data as ensured by the law, we suggest that any inquiries or concerns with respect to your privileges might be steered to a lawful subject matter expert.


Albeliz.com.bd, Albeliz logo, D for Albeliz logo, Albeliz, Albeliz Fashion, Albeliz Basics and different imprints showed on our Site are reserve or enlisted brand names in the important jurisdiction(s). Our illustrations, logos, page headers, button symbols, contents and administration names are the brand names or exchange dress and may not be utilized regarding any item or administration that doesn’t have a place with us or in any way that is probably going to create turmoil among clients, or in any way that criticizes or ruins us. Any remaining brand names that show up on this Site are the property of their particular proprietors, who might possibly be partnered with, associated with, or supported by us.

All licensed innovation rights, regardless of whether enlisted or unregistered, in the Site, data content on the Site and all the web composition, including, yet not restricted to message, illustrations, programming, photographs, video, music, sound, and their choice and course of action, and all product gatherings, fundamental source code and programming will remain our property. The whole substance of the Site additionally are ensured by copyright as an aggregate work under Bangladeshi copyright laws and worldwide shows. All rights are saved.


You recognize and embrace that you are getting to the administrations on the Site and executing at your own danger and are utilizing your best and reasonable judgment prior to going into any exchanges through the Site. We will nor be at risk nor answerable for any activities or inactions of venders nor any break of conditions, portrayals or guarantees by the merchants or makers of the items and thus explicitly renounce and any all obligation and responsibility in such manner. We will not intervene or resolve any contest or contradiction among you and the venders or makers of the items.

We further explicitly disavow any guarantees or portrayals (express or inferred) in regard of value, reasonableness, exactness, dependability, culmination, practicality, execution, security, merchantability, readiness for a specific reason, or legitimateness of the items recorded or showed or executed or the substance (counting item or evaluating data or potentially determinations) on the Site. While we have played it safe to maintain a strategic distance from errors in substance, this Site, all substance, data (counting the cost of items), programming, items, benefits and related designs are given as is premise, without guarantee of any sort. We don’t certainly or expressly uphold or embrace the deal or acquisition of any items on the Site. At no time will any right, title or interest in the items sold through or showed on the Site vest with us nor will Albeliz have any commitments or liabilities in regard of any exchanges on the Site.

We will nor be obligated or answerable for any activities or inactions of some other specialist organization as recorded on our Site which incorporates yet isn’t restricted to installment suppliers, portion contributions, guarantee administrations among others.

L. Repayment

You will repay and hold innocuous Albeliz as possessed by Albeliz Singapore Private Limited, its auxiliaries, subsidiaries and their separate officials, chiefs, specialists and representatives, from any case or interest, or activities including sensible lawyer’s expenses, made by any outsider or punishment forced due to or emerging out of your penetrate of these Terms and Conditions or any record fused by reference, or your infringement of any law, rules, guidelines or the privileges of an outsider.

You therefore explicitly discharge Albeliz as possessed by Albeliz Singapore Private Limited or potentially its members and additionally any of its officials and delegates from any expense, harm, risk or other result of any of the activities/inactions of the venders or other specialist co-ops and explicitly waiver any cases or requests that you may have for this benefit under any rule, contract or something else.


Gatherings other than Albeliz and its subsidiaries may work stores, offer types of assistance, or sell product offerings on the Site. For instance, organizations and people offer items by means of Marketplace. Furthermore, we give connects to the sites of subsidiary organizations and certain different organizations. We are not answerable for analyzing or assessing, and we don’t warrant or embrace the contributions of any of these organizations or people, or the substance of their sites. We don’t accept any accountability or obligation for the activities, items, and substance of any of these and some other outsiders. You can tell when an outsider is engaged with your exchanges by inspecting your exchange cautiously, and we may share client data identified with those exchanges with that outsider. You ought to deliberately audit their protection articulations and related terms and conditions.

N. Speaking WITH US

At the point when you visit the Site, or send messages to us, you are speaking with us electronically. You will be needed to give a legitimate telephone number while putting in a request with us. We may speak with you by email, SMS, call or by posting sees on the Site or by some other method of correspondence we decide to utilize. For legally binding purposes, you agree to get interchanges (counting conditional, limited time or potentially business messages), from us regarding your utilization of the site (and additionally position of your request) and consent to treat all methods of correspondence with a similar significance.

O. Misfortunes

We won’t be liable for any business or individual misfortunes (counting yet not restricted to loss of benefits, income, contracts, foreseen reserve funds, information, generosity, or squandered consumption) or whatever other circuitous or important misfortune that isn’t sensibly predictable to both you and us when you started utilizing the Site.


We claim all authority to make changes to the Site, its strategies, these terms and conditions and some other freely showed condition or administration guarantee whenever. You will be dependent upon the arrangements and terms and conditions in power at the time you utilized the Site except if any change to those strategies or these conditions is needed to be made by law or government expert (in which case it will apply to orders recently positioned by you). On the off chance that any of these conditions is considered invalid, void, or in any capacity whatsoever unenforceable, that condition will be considered severable and won’t influence the legitimacy and enforceability of any excess condition.


We won’t be considered answerable for any postponement or inability to consent to our commitments under these conditions if the deferral or disappointment emerges from any reason which is past our sensible control. This condition doesn’t influence your legal rights.


You recognize a lot that we are a private business venture and claim all authority to direct business to accomplish our targets in a way we consider fit. You likewise recognize that in the event that you break the conditions expressed on our Site and we make no move, we are as yet qualified for utilize our privileges and cures in whatever other circumstance where you penetrate these conditions.

S. End

Notwithstanding some other lawful or evenhanded cures, we may, without earlier notification to you, promptly end the Terms and Conditions or renounce any or the entirety of your privileges allowed under the Terms and Conditions. Upon any end of this Agreement, you will promptly stop all admittance to and utilization of the Site and we will, notwithstanding some other lawful or impartial cures, quickly repudiate all password(s) and record recognizable proof gave to you and deny your admittance to and utilization of this Site in entire or to a limited extent. Any end of this understanding will not influence the individual rights and commitments (counting without constraint, installment commitments) of the gatherings emerging before the date of end. You besides concur that the Site will not be responsible to you or to some other individual because of any such suspension or end. In the event that you are disappointed with the Site or with any terms, conditions, rules, arrangements, rules, or practices in working the Site, your sole and select cure is to stop utilizing the Site.


These terms and conditions are administered by and understood as per the laws of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. You concur that the courts, councils or potentially semi legal bodies situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh will have the selective purview on any debate emerging inside Bangladesh under this Agreement.

U. Reach US

You may contact us here


Our product incorporates any product (counting any updates or moves up to the product and any connected documentation) that we make accessible to you occasionally for your utilization regarding the Site (the “Product”).

You may utilize the product exclusively for reasons for empowering you to utilize and make the most of our administrations as allowed by the Terms and Conditions and any connected appropriate terms as accessible on the Site. You may not consolidate any segment of the Software into your own projects or aggregate any bit of it in mix with your own projects, move it for use with another help, or sell, lease, rent, loan, advance, appropriate or sub-permit the Software or in any case appoint any rights to the Software in entire or partially. You may not utilize the Software for any illicit reason. We may stop giving you administration and we may end your entitlement to utilize the Software whenever. Your privileges to utilize the Software will naturally end without notice from us on the off chance that you neglect to follow any of the Terms and Conditions recorded here or across the Site. Extra outsider terms contained inside the Site or disseminated as to such an extent that are explicitly distinguished in related documentation may apply and will administer the utilization of such programming in case of a contention with these Terms and Conditions. All product utilized in any of our administrations is our property and additionally our offshoots or its product providers and ensured by the laws of Bangladesh including however not restricted to some other material copyright laws.

At the point when you utilize the Site, you may likewise be utilizing the administrations of at least one outsiders, for example, a remote transporter or a portable stage supplier. Your utilization of these outsider administrations might be liable to isolate arrangements, terms of utilization, and charges of these outsiders.

You may not, and you won’t energize, help or approve some other individual to duplicate, alter, figure out, decompile or dismantle, or in any case mess with our product whether in entire or to a limited extent, or make any subordinate works from or of the Software.

To stay up with the latest, we may offer programmed or manual updates whenever and without notice to you.


If it’s not too much trouble, read these conditions cautiously prior to putting in a request for any items with the Sellers (“We” or “Our” or “Us”, any place relevant) on the Site. These conditions connote your consent to be limited by these conditions.


This segment manages conditions identifying with the offer of items or administrations on the Site.


Your request is a legitimate proposal to the merchant to purchase the item or administration showed on our Site. At the point when you submit a request to buy an item, any affirmations or announcements got preceding the dispatch of your request serves absolutely to approve the request subtleties gave and not the slightest bit suggests the affirmation of the actual request. The acknowledgment of your request is viewed as affirmed when the item is dispatched to you. In the event that your request is dispatched in more than one bundle, you may get isolated dispatch affirmations. Endless supply of putting in the request, we demonstrate an estimated course of events that the handling of your request will take anyway we can’t ensure this timetable to be thoroughly exact in each case as we are subject to outsider specialist co-ops to safeguard this responsibility. We focus on you to put forth every sensible attempt to guarantee that the characteristic course of events is met. All business/legally binding terms are offered by and consented to among you and the dealers alone. The business/authoritative terms incorporate without restriction value, transporting costs, installment techniques, installment terms, date, period and method of conveyance, guarantees identified with items and administrations and after deals administrations identified with items and administrations. Albeliz doesn’t have any control or doesn’t decide or exhort or in any capacity include itself in the contribution or acknowledgment of such business/legally binding terms between the you and the Sellers. The dealer holds the option to drop any request at its sole caution before dispatch. We will guarantee that there is convenient suggestion to you of such scratch-off through an email or sms. Any prepayments put forth in defense of such cancellation(s), will be discounted to you inside the time periods specified here.


Kindly survey our Returns Policy here.


All costs are recorded in Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) and are comprehensive of VAT and are recorded on the Site by the merchant that is selling the item or administration. Things in your Shopping Cart will consistently mirror the latest cost showed on the thing’s item detail page. If it’s not too much trouble, note that this cost may vary from the cost appeared for the thing when you previously positioned it in your truck. Setting a thing in your truck doesn’t save the cost appeared around then. It is additionally conceivable that a thing’s cost may diminish between the time you place it in your crate and the time you buy it.

We don’t offer cost coordinating for any things sold by any merchant on our Site or different sites.

We are resolved to give the most exact evaluating data on the Site to our clients; nonetheless, blunders may in any case happen, for example, situations when the cost of a thing isn’t shown accurately on the Site. In that capacity, we claim all authority to can’t or drop any request. If a thing is mispriced, we may, at our own prudence, either reach you for guidelines or drop your request and inform you of such crossing out. We will reserve the privilege to can’t or drop any such orders whether the request has been affirmed and your prepayment prepared. On the off chance that such a scratch-off happens on your prepaid request, our approaches for discount will apply. If it’s not too much trouble, note that Albeliz forces 100% right on the discount sum. Generally discount sum is determined dependent on the client addressed cost subsequent to deducting such a markdown and delivery expense.

We list accessibility data for items recorded on the Site, remembering for every item data page. Past what we say on that page or in any case on the Site, we can’t be more explicit about accessibility. If it’s not too much trouble, note that dispatch gauges are only that. They are not ensured dispatch times and ought not be depended upon in that capacity. As we measure your request, you will be educated by email or sms if any items you request end up being inaccessible.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that there are situations when a request can’t be handled for different reasons. The Site maintains whatever authority is needed to can’t or drop any request under any conditions at some random time. You might be approached to give extra checks or data, including yet not restricted to telephone number and address, before we acknowledge the request.

To keep away from any misrepresentation with credit or check cards, we maintain all authority to get approval of your installment subtleties prior to giving you the item and to confirm the individual data you imparted to us. This confirmation can take the state of a personality, spot of home, or banking data check. The shortfall of an answer following such a request will consequently cause the wiping out of the request inside a sensible timetable. We claim all authority to continue to coordinate undoing of a request for which we presume a danger of fake utilization of banking instruments or different reasons without earlier notification or any ensuing lawful responsibility.

Discount Voucher

Discount voucher can be recovered on our Website, as full or part installment of items from our Website inside the given course of events.

Discount voucher can’t be utilized from various record.

Vouchers are not replaceable whenever terminated.

Discount Voucher code can be applied just a single time. The leftover measure of the Refund Voucher in the wake of applying it once, assuming any, won’t be discounted and can’t be utilized for next buys regardless of whether the estimation of request is more modest than outstanding voucher esteem.

Special Vouchers

Each gave limited time voucher (App voucher and New client voucher) will be substantial for use by a client just a single time. Numerous uses changing the personality is illicit.

Both limited time voucher and truck rule rebate may not be added simultaneously.

Special voucher is non-refundable and can’t be traded for money to a limited extent or full and is substantial for a solitary exchange as it were.

Limited time voucher may not be substantial during deal or related to any uncommon advancement.

Voucher will work just if least buy sum and different conditions are met.

Albeliz maintains all authority to differ or end the activity of any voucher whenever without notice.

Albeliz will not be responsible to any client or family for any monetary misfortune emerging out of the refusal, abrogation or withdrawal of any voucher or any disappointment or failure of a client to utilize a voucher in any way, shape or form.

Vouchers are not replaceable whenever lapsed.

No limited time special can be made for infant nourishment items.

Prize Vouchers

Clients who have just been recorded in Albeliz for fake exercises won’t be qualified to benefit any voucher and won’t be qualified to partake in any mission.

A client will not work more than one record in a solitary gadget.

Limited time Items

One client will actually want to buy one 11tk arrangement and secret box during the special time frame.

Security and Fraud

At the point when you utilize a voucher, you warrant to Albeliz that you are the appropriately approved beneficiary of the voucher and that you are utilizing it in compliance with common decency.

In the event that you reclaim, endeavor to recover or energize the reclamation of voucher to acquire limits to which you are not entitled you might be carrying out a common or criminal offense

On the off chance that we sensibly accept that any voucher is being utilized unlawfully or wrongfully we may reject or drop any voucher/request and you concur that you will have no case against us in regard of any dismissal or scratch-off. Albeliz claims all authority to make any further move it considers suitable in such cases


Exchanging Albeliz items for business reason for existing is carefully denied. On the off chance that any unapproved work force is found submitting the above demonstration, lawful move might be made against him/her.

F. Charges

You will be liable for installment, all things considered/costs/accuses related of the acquisition of items from the Site and you consent to bear all relevant charges according to winning law.


We don’t make any portrayal or guarantee as to points of interest, (for example, quality, esteem, saleability, and so forth) of the items or administrations leaned to be sold on the Site when items or administrations are sold by outsiders. We don’t verifiably or unequivocally uphold or underwrite the deal or acquisition of any items or administrations on the Site. We acknowledge no risk for any blunders or oversights, regardless of whether for the benefit of itself or outsiders.

We are not answerable for any non-execution or penetrate of any agreement went into among you and the dealers. We can’t and don’t ensure your activities or those of the merchants as they finish up exchanges on the Site. We are not needed to intercede or resolve any contest or contradiction emerging from exchanges happening on our Site.

We don’t anytime of time during any exchange as gone into by you with an outsider on our Site, acquire title to or have any rights or claims over the items or administrations offered by a vender. Accordingly, we don’t have any commitments or liabilities in regard of such contract(s) went into among you and the seller(s). We are not liable for inadmissible or deferred execution of administrations or harms or deferrals because of items which are unavailable, inaccessible or delay purchased.

Estimating on any product(s) or related data as considered the Site may because of some specialized issue, typographical blunder or other explanation by mistaken as distributed and accordingly you acknowledge that in such conditions the vender or the Site may drop your request without earlier notification or any risk emerging subsequently. Any prepayments made for such orders will be discounted to you per our discount strategy as specified here.


Stock accessibility: The orders are dependent upon accessibility of stock.

Conveyance Timeline: The conveyance may take longer than expected time period/line to be trailed by Albeliz.

Conveyance may be postponed because of power majeure occasion which incorporates, yet not restricted to, political agitation, political occasion, public/public holidays,etc

Dropping: Albeliz holds inadequate option to drop any request at its sole attentiveness before dispatch and in any way, shape or form which may incorporate, however not restricted to, the item being mispriced, unavailable, terminated, faulty, failed, and containing wrong data or portrayal emerging out of specialized or typographical blunder or for some other explanation.

Discount Timeline: If any request is dropped, the installment against such request will be discounted inside 10 to 15 working days, however it might take longer time in remarkable cases. Given that got money back sum, assuming any, will be changed with the discount sum.

You affirm that the product(s) or service(s) requested by you are bought for your inward/individual utilization and not for business re-deal. You approve us to announce and give assertion to any administrative expert for your sake expressing the aforementioned reason for your orders on the Site. The Seller or the Site may drop a request wherein the amounts surpass the commonplace individual utilization. This applies both to the quantity of items requested inside a solitary request and the putting in of a few requests for similar item where the individual orders contain an amount that surpasses the common individual utilization. What involves an average person’s utilization amount limit will be founded on different components and at the sole caution of the Seller or our own and may shift from individual to person.

You may drop your request at no expense any time before the thing is dispatched to you.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that we sell items just in amounts which relate to the normal requirements of a normal family. This applies both to the quantity of items requested inside a solitary request and the submitting of a few requests for similar item where the individual orders involve an amount regular for an ordinary family unit. If it’s not too much trouble, survey our Refund Policy here.


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