5015CGR24H Casserole 24cm W/Lid High


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Product details of 5015CGR24H Casserole 24cm W/Lid High

  • eco friendly ceramic coating- surface made of natural ceramic materials No PFOA, No Lead, No Cadmium & other harmful chemicals.
  • abrasion resistance- highly resistant to scratches caused by metallic utensils withstanding 9h surface hardness test.
  • pouring rim- easy to pour out liquid with elegant petals designed edge.
  • Far infrared Radiation- Ceramic coating surface distributes Far infrared Radiant heating pleating process that helps cooking food evenly both inside & outside with its naturals texures & flavors, which also reduces cooking ting time .
  • Seamless handle- No join between body & handle allowing clean uses & easy to wash.
  • self basting- Small inner bumps of lid maintain proper moisture preventing food stuck inside & preserving natural flavor without extra water or oill.
  • Blooming rose design- Improving your kitchen with beautiful color & unique design inspired by nature.
  • Easy to clean-Non stick coating both in & outside facilities cleaning for the convenience.
  • Anty bacterial coating- anti bacterial coating will prevent the multiplication of germs & bacteria on the surface.
  • Compatible on gas, electric, halogen and ceramic hobs Durabase Technology for efficient heat distribution Innovative Thermospot technology Brand new and high quality Spreads heat evenly and energy efficiently Prefer cooking stick: Wooden / Silicone spatula Non stick pot, easy to clean Suitable for home or restaurant use
  • do not heat without food for a long time. it can cause a fire & shorten product life.
  • Made In Korea.
  • Non stick granite marble coating & aluminum die casting.
  • Clean tornado with hot water dissolving cleanser befoure you use for the fast time.
  • Use tornado with just medium heat or lower due to high heat conductivity.
  • Avoid using metallic utensils.
  • if scratched by force , ceramic coating can be damaged.
  • use tornado with proper amount of food inside to prevent boiling over.
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5015CGR24H Casserole 24cm W/Lid High


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