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Product description:4060 DOOR MAT MIX The indoor/outdoor door mats are designed to minimize dirt and moisture in your home and keep your entranceways clean and easy to maintain. This doormat is designed with a welcome print on a beige background, and the beautiful borders give it a stylish look. Mud, dirt, water and slush do not match our door mats with a rubber back that keeps them in place without curling and getting stuck under most doors. This low fluff also makes the mat suitable for indoor use, such as in a laundry room, hallway, kitchen sink or bathroom. Due to their texture, scraping is easy. Dirty, muddy, muddy shoes or dog paws are no longer the enemy of the clean floor of our dustproof doormat. The range of door mats and entrance mats are warm and welcoming throughout the season, offering sturdy and practical use, but with a colorful design on the floor and

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