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Product details of F7773 TORNADO MOP BASKET 24 Ltr.

  • Combine efficiency and user-friendly features and you Lavex Janitorial. yellow mop bucket and wringer combo! Perfect for a variety of settings including your restaurant, bar, school, or office, this all-in-one combo makes cleaning a breeze. Transporting your cleaning supplies can be a hassle, but with this wringer / bucket combo, you have everything you need to get the job done. Additional safety features also provide peace of mind for you and your staff! Easy Mobility Non-marking casters are the perfect way to transport your mop bucket. In addition to protecting your floors, these casters come with bumper guards to protect walls and corners too! Comfort-grip Handle A firm, comfortable grip allows you to push the handle forward to wring out mops. It’s important to push the handle forward slowly and to fully release the wringer before letting go. Removable Wringer With the wringer attachment placed above the bucket, you can effortlessly wring out mops without the bending and pulling required on other mop buckets. For added convenience, this wringer can be removed prior to emptying the bucket for an easier lift. Large Capacity Bucket
  • It’s recommended to only fill mop buckets 2/3 of the way full to prevent dirty water from overflowing when a mop is placed in the bucket. With this 24 ltr. capacity, you’ll have enough room to mix water and cleaning solution without having to go back and forth for more water in between mopping the same area. PUFFIN MINI MOP BUCKET WRINGER TROLLEY 20 LTR YELLOW Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: Yellow
  • Capacity: 24 Liter
  • Package Contents: 1 Mini Mop Bucket Wringer Trolley
  • Special Features: Easley Moveable and Noise Free Performance Brooms, Mops and Squeegees, Commercial Mop and Bucket Sets.
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